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Things Anyone Should Know About Venture Capital Investment by Low Jeremy

Everyone has a good idea. The hard part is turning that dream in the head or on paper into a reality. One of the biggest stumbling blocks is money because without the much-needed capital, it is impossible to make it happen.

The entrepreneur can get a loan from the bank to help with this endeavor. But if the interest rates are to high or the person does not have collateral, then this is not such a good idea after all. The best thing to do will be seek out a venture capitalist. The money this person will infuse into the business will go a long way in starting it or keep it going.

The first thing the entrepreneur needs to do is to write a business proposal. Research has shown that more than 80% of those who decided to start something fail in the end because no studies were conducted. The document must have a clear idea as to direction of the business, how much will be needed as well as how long before the return of investment starts coming in.

It is not that difficult to find a venture capitalist. The hard part is selling the idea because there are also others who will be sending a proposal, which has similar contents in the texts. Apart from reading the proposal, the entrepreneur will also have to explain this in person why this should be accepted over the others. An ocular inspection of the place will also need to be since such as decision will not be made overnight.

Once hooked and the money is approved, both the entrepreneur and the capitalist investor have made a partnership which will hopefully last for the long term. The capitalist investor does not only give money. There may be times that the entrepreneur is stuck in a crossroad and this may also offer good advice. After all, the money of the person is in here and will surely do everything possible to get it back with a profit.

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In the end, the venture capital investment is similar to a loan but does not have high interest rates compared to a bank. It is also like launching an IPO but without the need to release a certain number of shares to the people. Will it be beneficial to talk with a venture capitalist? The answer is definitely yes because it becomes a win-win situation for everyone without one side ever getting the better of the other.

Venture capitalism is one of the things that keep business booming in the country. It is one of the ways that helps new businesses thrive and flourish. This is because, venture capitalists are forever looking for new and innovative ventures that can potentially yield big return on the long term. They are not much into businesses that are already flourishing but those that are just starting or those that are in need of restructuring.


What is venture capital?

This refers to the money that a venture capitalist gives to a business or venture in exchange for a stake in the company. Instead of loaning the money, venture capitalists invest in the business hoping that it will yield a great deal of money in the future. This means that whatever the future earnings and profits of the company, the venture capitalist has a share on it. The same goes with the loss.

Risky business

Venture capitalism is indeed a risky business but it has become the lifeblood of the industry as most start-up companies rely on these kinds of investments to keep their business going and to make their ideas come to life. Typically, people with great ideas and the know how to execute them go to venture capitalists for their capital. Because they are not yet bigwigs in the industry, these people do not have access to traditional capital resources such as banks and other financial institutions.

Venture capitalists on the other hand look for companies that are small and new but have a really promising future. This way, they bring in little cash and get millions in return when the company becomes a success. Usually, venture capitalists have a team of people that keep tabs on the goings on in the business community. Like a hawk, they look for companies that are vulnerable but have great potential for growth.
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A venture capitalist can be a person or an organization. A individual venture capitalist will often select just a few prized investments that he or she will watch like a hawk. Venture capitalist firms, on the other hand, can command billions of dollars in earnings and investments, depending on their size and their area of influence. Some venture capitalists have investments all over the world. Some VCs, especially the big ones, also have affiliate banks that provide the cash flow. Some even have subsidiaries that use the money in other investments to keep it rolling.

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