Audio and Video Syndication Article syndication is not dead. It actually has yet to see its true "boom" period. I say that because until the content people syndicate gets MUCH better overall, we are basically using sophisticated software and networks to distribute garbage. But as the article syndication industry slowly comes around to the fact that demanding good content is not going to hurt business, quite the opposite, there are new networks developing that will have us creating, syndicating and streaming much more audio and video around the web to promote our sites. All-text content is wearing thin on the patience of surfers and possible customers.
As the bigger sites lead the way (they almost always do when it comes to new web technology) we are seeing that our own customers, formerly content to read 15 page sales letters, are leaving for something more exciting. As we all get used to the internet everyone promised us would be here long ago, we see that as we buy stuff and entertain ourselves on the web, we also expect small websites to measure up to the speed, excitement, movement and sound we see on many other sites today. Less text. Much more multi-media. And as many different ways to access and consume content as we can possibly dream up.
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That is what's on the menu and the source of traffic is MASSIVE! Think of all those people who left your all-text site in the last month without buying or clicking on a thing. Where exactly to you think they were headed? That's right. To sites with motion and sound to feed their brains without ruining their eyesight trying to read 10 point font at high resolution for 15 pages! You have probably bought a product from a choice between a few different dealers just because the site was more engaging than the others. I know I have. And usually I buy from sites that look like they are really in business. Any monkey can get a merchant account and slap up some text to sell a drop shipped product. I want to buy from people who take the time to take their business (and my credit card information) seriously!
That means people who are into displaying information in formats other than all-text. Audio and video editing and syndication tools have come a long long way in the last year. Anyone can get into the game and dominate in areas where the traffic is theirs for the taking because no one is competing with them for it yet! So, after you are done writing your next article, while you are syndicating it around the web, make sure you remember that you are not done until you figure out ways to convert that article into an audio for your site or for a Podcast. Or a video script to power a how-to video for the same purpose. Articles, audio, and video should become synonymous with syndication and traffic generation when thinking about your marketing campaign. Leaving any of them out of your marketing is going to cost you big time in 2006 and beyond!
The Internet is like sitting in front of a television with 1,346,966,000, "channels" called web pages. When Internet visitors hit your page, what do you do to maximize your presentation? Do you have a full presentation? Or are you expecting too much from your website's partial presentation. Many website owners have learned the secrets of Internet-Audio. Website Internet Audio unleashes your power to captivate your visitor's attention in a multiple of ways.  display: none !important;" />
Do you watch television with the volume off? Most people do not. Music downloading, talking chat rooms and VOIP have opened the doors of Internet Audio. Unlike 10-years ago, today it is almost impossible to buy a computer that doesn't already have an audio sound system built-in, or connected to it.

When my website visitors call me on the phone, they feel like they already know me. This is because; they usually have been listening to me for 5-10 minutes before they decided to pick up a phone and call me. There is no breaking the ice or awkward moments. In many cases, most of them already know my name. Besides, I personally asked them to call me; I invited the call with my own voice on my web page. Internet Audio can be used to personalize your online presentation.

My website talks to people 24 hours day. Even when I am away or asleep my voice just keeps on talking In fact I talk to thousands of people a day without ever opening my mouth. I could spend thousands of dollars a month to have a crew of sales people do the talking for me. But with Internet Audio, I talk to people when I'm out shopping or walking my dog. Internet Audio enables me to duplicate my efforts and maximize my exposure without lifting a finger.

Once my Internet audio voice message is recorded on my website, my verbal presentation works constantly and consistently, It never gets tired or says the wrong thing. I would not have enough physical energy to talk as much as my website does. I just record my voice message and let my website go on auto-pilot.

From time-to-time, I will pickup the phone and record a new Internet audio voice message. Perhaps we have a new product, new service option or a special promotion; there are times when you should change your Internet audio voice message. Nevertheless, I have found that certain voice messages work better than others.

Some voice messages work better than others. Visitors seem to respond well to Interaction. Asking your visitor a question usually helps promote interaction. A personal introduction including your name or where you are from usually softens your approach. Your voice tone and excitement levels can be directly communicated across your website with Internet Audio. You can direct your visitors movements on your website too. Most visitors like to be told where to look and where to click, instead of being forced to read and search for your important key website features and links.

Your voice can be a powerful website tool. You can use your voice communicate a sense of urgency for closing a sale. You also can educate and inform your visitors, because people are comfortable learning and exploring, it's human nature. And, you will quickly learn that visitors become customers when you make them feel comfortable. Your voice is your energy. So, unleash the power of your voice on your website or Internet presentation >Article: Secrets of Internet Audio on Business Websites

Author: Kat Anderson - Personal Show TV

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