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When is work not really work? When it's fun!
Using online forums, also called message boards, can be a fun way to promote your business in a low key way.
You cultivate relationships with others
You learn about all kinds of topics
Your marketing message is presented without screaming advertisement
By answering questions related to your topic, you are positioned as an expert in your field
How to Use a Forum for Promotion:
First, find a forum that is of interest to you and frequented by people in your target market. A great place to start is to go to and search for forums by keywords that reflect your target market.
Next, I suggest you "lurk" or just watch the activity for a few days to get a feel for the tone of the forum. When you feel confident this is an appropriate place to represent your business, introduce yourself. Often message boards have a 'New Members' type place to post your first message.
After you have been welcomed, scan through the topics and post answers to questions others may have about your area of expertise. Repeat daily or weekly.
Of utmost importance is to have a signature line that is added to the end of each message you post. This is like your calling card, and is what makes this method so subtle. You may be posting a famous recipe, but everyone who checks it out will see your business name. Most forums have an account setting or options area where you can set up an automatic signature or you can cut and paste your signature each time, but this is much more cumbersome.
Don't spam boards by visiting once and posting an advert everywhere. It will give you a bad reputation - not what you need to increase sales.
Check the regulations of the board to be sure signature lines are allowed. Some forums strictly prohibit marketing of any type.
Revisit your posting frequently to address any replies. Also, add new postings of interest every few days to keep your business in the message board's eye.
Message boards and forums can be a very valuable marketing tool. While you're at it, be sure to check out the fun topics, too!

How To Start Making Money With Online Forums
By Mike Anson  

Many people wish to learn, if they can actually start making money with online forums and are surprised when they learn just how easy it is.

Forums are online communities, where like-minded people hang out with each other and discuss about topics,and at times help solve doubts and questions asked by other members

Many online entrepreneurs have promoted their online business and improved their returns on investments by starting forums related to the products or services they sell. They use informative and useful postings on these blogs to gain the trust of other people in the forum who may actually be their target market. They use forums to build links to their website, helping it getter listing too. The links are also used by other forum members who may be lured by the postings made on the forum. Thus, posting on online forums improves traffic, in turn improving the return on investment. It is also a cost effective means of marketing the website. Forums are great to lure targeted traffic to your websites, improving your click through rates improving your revenue.

Some people make money by posting on online forums. They are paid to post useful and informative information about a topic suggested by the forum creator. This is done usually when a forum has just been created and is in need of new posts to lure more members to the forum. They love the job, as they get to air their views about a topic and get to make friends online as well as earn for posting on the forums.

Many people also use forum postings to promote their affiliate marketing or Google AdSense programs. You may post in forums that are relevant to the products you market or that compliment the products that you market. You may start posting in a forum that deals with migraine, if you are marketing a natural/herbal cure for migraine.

You may offer friendly advice and recommend the products that have brought you such relief that you decided to market it yourself. You may also simply post in any forum, asking for advice from the other members giving a link to you website. You may ask them just how you can improve your website and leave a link. This way the visitors may also add to your revenue when they click on the ads in your website.

Keep posting in forums and ensure that your links are displayed; as this is a sure fire way of improving targeted traffic to your site. The more relevant forums you post in, the more are your chances for improved targeted traffic and the more inbound links you have to your site. Start posting in online forums to improve your returns on investments.

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