Banner Ad Campaigns

Banner ads of your business can be put in different sites on the Internet. The most important thing you must learn about banners is to calculate the banner advertising rate. It determines the price you have to pay, as well as the results from the advertising. The first banner advertising rate that you must learn to calculate is the cost per click. Although most banners are not sold on a cost-per-click basis, you should know it so that you estimate whether advertising on a certain site is worth paying.  
If your banner has been clicked on 5 times this month by visitors of this site, your clickthrough ratio amounts to 0.5%. If you have paid 20$ for a monthly advertising on the site, then the cost per click is 4.00$ (you paid 4$ for a single click on your banner).If another site delivers a similar click rate but offers a lower-cost CMP, then it is better for your budget.
Another banner advertising rate is the cost per unique visitor. The average sum of pages that the visitor sees on a certain site varies. If, for example, a particular site has an average of 6 page views per visitor and its average number of impressions per month is 600 000, then their average user sessions per month would be 100 000. If your aim as an advertiser is the number of clickthroughs, then the cost per visitor should not be bigger than the CPM. Having this site as an example, the impressions that you will get per month will amount to 100 000.
But if brand recognition is your greatest aim and you are trying to make your brand name popular among many people, your banner should be seen over and over again. If so, then a low cost per visitor would not be as important as a low cost per impression. Many ad agencies are dealing with calculating different banner advertising rates, so that your money can match the purpose that you are trying to achieve. 
Another calculated banner advertising rate is the so called conversion rate. It is important for sites that are selling goods, and many online stores use it. This banner advertising rate shows how many people who saw the banner actually bought something.
So, as you have probably understood, the main problem when calculating different banner advertising rates is to have an idea of the exact number of clickthroughs. The easiest way to do this is to use a script that will track down the number of clicks received from different links. Here are two ad tracking resources ,which will ensure that you get the correct total count of clicks.
If you decide upon trying banner ads, you should have these things in mind. You should learn to calculate your banner advertising rates, so that your money is not wasted uselessly.
When using hit exchanges take advantage of their offers to upload freely your banner

Magic Banner Bot

Banner advertising techniques

There are a number of ways of using banner advertising techniques and a number of different types of banners that can be used to promote your site. Whichever way you consider it, there will be some sort of cost, which you have to compare against the revenue coming in. As a general rule, do not have high expectations for sucess on this. Points to consider:

1) the big advertising networksÂ�  are best suited to large companies involved in mass awareness campaigns, so it would not be cost effective for small businesses

2) you can approach any website direct which might have traffic that would be useful. Be wary of high fixed charges or high charges per impression, as your click through rate could be very,very low. Target niche sites, regional sites, niches within the search portals or other internet portals that might have traffic that would be interested in your site. This is probably the most effective banner advertising option for small business sites.

3) free banner exchanges might suit some sites, but generally better for personal sites as your banners could end up being shown to completely the wrong audiences. In general they work by allowing (say) 3 of your banners to be shown somewhere, for every 4 that you display.You also may not wish to show indiscrimate advertising on your carefully crafted business site. If you want to check them out, try: Linkswap or UK Banners.

If you want to try some paid advertising, charges typically could be 1p per impression. If only 1% of people click through (not unlikely), then you are paying $1 per visitor - if only 10% of your visitors buy something or go on to do business then you carry a cost of $10 per sale - great if its cars - not so good if its postcards. See Conversion Rates.

Using Affiliate Programs can protect you from high costs of (pay per impression) banner advertising, and motivates the advertsing site to promote sales. Be aware that the traditional media (eg: newspapers' online subsidiaries) are not so keen on this, they like to be paid per advert.
What is a banner ad?
A banner ad is an advertisement (static or animated) that can be used for advertising your business on the web. Banner ads are typically 468 by 60 pixels in size.
What is a button ad?
A button ad is an advertisement (static or animated) that can be used for advertising your business on the web. Button ads are typically 125 by 125, but can be of various sizes depending on the needs of your website or where you are advertising. You can also use buttons as small graphics on your site.

Where can you use banners and buttons?

You can use banners and buttons in many places including (but not limited to):
1. As a logo on your website
2. As advertising on your website
3. As advertisement on other websites
4. In banner rotations
5. In link exchanges
6. In your emails as a signature
How do I save my banner/button to my computer?
When we send you your ad simply right click on the image and choose "save". Choose a place to put it on your computer, and don't forget where you put it! Note: If the graphic is animated, don't open the graphic first and then save it unless you have an animated enabled program to save it in. We always attach a copy and embed a copy of the finished product in your email so you are able to approve it.
How do I link a banner or button to my website?
Most places you advertise will link the banner for you. They typically ask you to upload your graphic, then tell them where to link it.
Others might ask you to insert the HTML code/link for the location of your banner. To do this you will need to have your banner "parked" somewhere where they can access it. All this is fancy wording for the "properties" of the parked graphic.