Time Management And Internet Marketing By []Lucas Heijn
 Are you working at creating your income from home by internet marketing? If you are like me you will find it easy to be distracted. I sit in front of my computer trying to work and suddenly I get an email. Now curiosity gets the better of me and I have a look. Next thing I find I've spent an hour or more just surfing the internet looking at interesting things. This does not make any money. Have you found yourself distracted? It's easy isn't it? How do you get control? Here are some pointers that you may find useful in controlling the use of your time. Your Mindset Firstly you need to see your marketing as WORK. You are in the serious business of making a living and conducting a business. One thing you need is a place where you can work and concentrate on what you are doing. So your environment must be conducive to working
Make a Plan and Work the Plan Next you must have a plan of what you want to achieve.
Some of your work may need to be spent in creation of products. You also need to spend time communicating with customer enquiries. What I have found useful is to allocate time for each daily task. In my last 2 articles I dealt with creating an opt-in list. I also pointed out that this will remain part of your work as long as you are in business. So what I would do is spend 2 hours each day in tasks that will help to build up my opt-in list. You've heard it said that the money is in the list. Your business is about making money. You need to work out what things you need to do each day to reach your goal of making money. To manage your time, ask yourself what things you need to accomplish each day to do this. Now you need to set an amount of time aside to accomplish that task.
Don't get distracted. Once the time is up go to the next task on your list. If there are some tasks that are not completed in the time allocated to it go back later when you have finished the other tasks you set out to accomplish. Take Time Out There is one caution I need to mention here. Don't load yourself down to such a degree that you loose your enjoyment. You must enjoy what you are doing. If you don't you may as well stay in the day job you hate.There will be times we don't feel like doing anything. We're only human. Even so force yourself to accomplish your tasks. You will feel better for doing so. Does this mean we can't take any time off? That we become workaholics? No you have control. Just don't beg off because you don't feel like it today.
Take time off! But do it because you have planned for it. It's OK to reward yourself.
. In Summery In a nutshell. Set your priorities. Have your day planned out as to what you will do a certain times.
This means that when you start work each day you know what you will be doing. You won't need to spend time thinking about what you will do today. You have it all planned out.
If you do this you will find that you will accomplish much more each day. Because you have set your priorities, you have worked out what things need to be done to create an income and you have prioritized them, you will find the income will follow. Lucas Heijn runs a hosting company called LinksParadise. They cater for the internet marketer supplying a unique package that covers the primary elements of internet marketing. Recently He completed a course in internet marketing that has helped him greatly in his business. He would like to promote this course to other internet marketers and would be internet marketers. Article Source:
Time-Management-And-Internet-Marketing&id=781528 Ending Procrastination - 7 Steps To Work At Home Success By []L. Banks
 We all face many of the same problems in achieving our goals. Procrastination is one such obstacle to success. It results in wasted time and energy, missed opportunities, and poor performance. With procrastination comes increased stress and feelings of failure. Procrastinators fill their time with diversions and unimportant tasks that really do not advance their goals. They are busy being busy, not being productive. Procrastination is a pattern of behavior that must be modified for a person to produce optimum results. Delaying or avoiding necessary tasks is the mark of a procrastinator. We always know what needs to be done and this awareness only adds more stress to our lives. Finding activities to do instead of doing the necessary task takes time and energy away form our true goal of a better job, more clients, or a promotion and raise. Possible Reasons for Procrastination Psychologists differ in their definition of procrastination. Some view procrastination as simply a bad habit. Others believe it is caused by irrational thinking or is a "complex psychological problem" rooted in fear. The result is the same - important things in our lives do not get done. We procrastinate when faced with difficult, inconvenient or intimidating jobs. Some people suffer from chronic procrastination; for others it affects only certain areas of their lives. Some people procrastinate in their professional lives, others in their personal relationships. Procrastination can be caused by a set of problems either separately or in combination.
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1) Disorganization and procrastination are closely linked. Distractions such as getting sidetracked and off-course, and forgetfulness are also parts of disorganization. Lumping tasks together as if they were inseparable and incapable of being divided into small, manageable tasks is another problem procrastinators face.
2) Procrastination motivated by fear. The fear and the source of the fear must be addressed. There is fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of change, any of which may be subtly or not so subtly keeping us from achieving our goals, keeping us in one place instead of moving forward. This is inertia. 3) Perfectionism - do it perfectly or not at all. Fear of not doing it perfectly can lead to avoidance and procrastination. Making the Commitment to Change - 7 Steps to End Procrastination Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living". Analyzing our behavior can help us to understand why we procrastinate, why we delay or avoid doing the important things first. Procrastinators must recognize what is important.
1. Get a simple appointment book to keep disorganization and forgetfulness at bay. Use it every day.
2. Make a list of the important projects that need to be completed. Set priorities. Start with the most important and urgent tasks then work your way down the list.
 3. Make a project meaningful. Relate it to goals. List the benefits derived from completing the project. Remind yourself why you are doing a particular task and the rewards you will receive upon completion.
4. Make your intentions known. Tell family, friends or colleagues and make a contract with yourself or with them to complete the task by a certain date.
5. Divide each project into the manageable steps that are necessary to complete a task. Set deadlines for each step of the process.
6. For each project start with the most unpleasant part of the task and do it in small doses - 15 minutes or less.
7. Reward yourself upon completing a project. Don't minimize your accomplishment. You did it! Plan for work and for play. This reduces distraction because you know fun is ahead.

Have a daily "To Do" list and check off tasks as they are finished to give a feeling of accomplishment throughout the day. You need to manage your time to pursue your goals in a productive manner. You can accomplish a lot when deliberately focusing on what needs to be done to achieve our right livelihood. Being a businesswoman today means success on your own terms. To learn more about how to make money without a job visit The Job Haters Club at And if you want seven profitable business ideas with low start-up costs visit Article Source:


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