Goal Setting
Black Belt Reveals Startling New Secret To Absolutely Guarantee Your Internet Success
By Rick Miller


What if there was a secret that would absolutely guarantee, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you would achieve success in Internet Marketing and in your life? Is it possible that there is one single true cause of success?

What would that mean to your future?

In a recent interview for the List Crusade program, Jack Zufelt, a master black belt in karate and #1 bestselling author of "The DNA of Success", reveals the true secret behind every person who has succeeded in a gigantic way.

He shatters myths that you've probably heard well-meaning gurus, motivational experts, and success coaches teach in the past... It has nothing to do with goal setting, positive thinking, affirmations, mantra chanting, or even walking on hot coals.

Listen closely as I reveal Jack's first principle to reaching success: Don't rely on goal setting!

Although many trainers teach that you have to write down your goals or they won't happen, Jack believes this is pure nonsense.

Jack says, "I don't know one teenager who had a goal list to get a driver's license."

Just like that teenager, many people achieve fantastic things in their lives without writing them down, and the majority of written goals never materialize. Goal setting is not enough to guarantee success.

According to Jack, "If goal setting worked, everybody would be skinny, rich, happily married, or successful."

You may ask, "What is the missing ingredient?"

Here's a clue:

Jack gave an example of two individuals who both asked him what it would take to become a black belt in karate.

The first was a professor who told Jack that he'd had the goal of becoming a black belt for over fifteen years. When Jack told him that he'd need to practice an hour a day for four and a half years to become one, the professor was astonished and said he didn't want it that bad.

The second was a fourteen year old handicapped boy who Jack told that it would take five and a half years of practicing for two hours a day. The boy's response was "Is that all? When can I start?"

What's the difference?

One only had a small wish to become a black belt. The other desired it from the very core of his being.

Let me ask you: Is your goal that you want to accomplish merely a wish or a consuming desire?

This leads us to Jack's Secret Law To Guarantee Success: Discover your core desires by asking two simple questions.

These two questions will help you zero in on what you really want in life, whether it's related to health, finances, or relationships.

1) What would I like to have that I'm not getting?

2) If I had that, what would it give me that I don't have? 

So how do you apply this to your Internet Marketing?

Most people have an underlying reason that they want an online business.

Maybe you want to have freedom from your job. Maybe you want to spend more time with your family.

Whatever it is, you absolutely must make sure that the reasons in line with (and supports) your core desires.

If you're online simply to make a buck, you probably won't have much luck or success.

If, however, the profits from your business are going to fund something that you want with your whole being, then nothing on earth is going to stop you.

"Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success."


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