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Ebook Marketing - the easy way to reach out by Robert Riles III

Ebook marketing is not as easy as selling hard copy of books; this requires a different kind of approach. For a person to create an ebook, it is very easy and to upload them on a site is even easier. But when it comes to ebook marketing, they need to understand the concept behind what an ebook is and who the main readers of such books are. Only then will they be able to reach out to the right kind of target audience and promote the book. In ebook marketing, you will need to have a ISBN number to promote it on other online shopping sites. This is a International Standard Book number, which is unique to every book and which is how they will be identified. One can also make sure of affiliate marketing strategy to promote the publisher and the site at the same time. This will make the visitor add to the traffic on both sites. A way of increasing the number of visitors automatically ensures that your business will flourish. For an individual if they are into writing and looking for more assignments, by using such techniques they can draw new opportunities.

Another mode of promoting your ebook is by putting the site with search engine optimizing inputs which will ensure it pops up every time someone types the keyword. When building the site, make sure to have information that will appeal to the general public and not just one kind of audience. This will come in handy, because whoever reads through it, will remember or atleast spread the word to others they know. Or if you know of some companies that are into selling stationary, you can tie up with them and place your ads and banners on their site. This will help divert some of the traffic from there to your page. Increase in ebook sales will reflect on the revenue earned by the site company. Some of the ebooks might be free, while others would have to be purchased at a cost. And if you have any discounts or offers going on, make sure to mention then right on top. Else people might not notice, and this means you could have lost a customer.

At the end of the day, if you have to be successful, you need to have your basics right. And this is possible only if you have followed the rules of ebook marketing, which are to educate people who visit your site, grab their attention and make a sale. Even if they don't buy the ebook, they might have fallen for the ebook marketing strategy and are likely to come back for a second visit. This way you can maintain a database and you can get in touch with them, whenever there is new ebook on the stands, and might get lucky then.


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How to Select a Great Topic for an Ebook‚ by Digital Info Diva

It couldn't be easier to select a topic for an ebook. People are hungry for information, and people are looking to the Internet to feed their hunger. After you've read this article, you will feel confident enough to choose your own topic, whether you decide to write the ebook yourself or outsource the work to a ghost writer.

Observe What's Going on Around You

If you're smart enough to read this article, you're smart enough to look around you and determine what interests you and those around you. Think of what problems you've recently solved, and what kinds of problems others have had and solved. Any problem that has been solved in your world could easily be the subject of your next book. People love to read how others have solved a problem that they currently have.

So, brainstorm a list of problems in your life and in the lives of those around you. Your friend Bob lost his job? Your sister's child had chicken pox? How did they cope or find solutions? While you're at it, start another list of unsolved problems evident in your corner of the world. Write down problems you wish you had solved. Aha! These are subjects that people will really be interested in!

How to lose the last ten pounds

The truth about UFOs

The straightest path to becoming a millionaire

From your personal corner, your step-granddaughter is pregnant at age 14? Your grocery bill is double what it used to be? Your roof leaks? These are problems waiting for ebook solutions! These unsolved problems would also be great ebook topics. Remember, you don't have to know the solution, just the topic. You're going to get someone else to do the research and write the book for you. You will not actually be writing one word.

Spend a Few Minutes Googling

The Internet is a great way to find out what people are looking for at any given moment. You can search for almost anything. Google is a popular search engine you can use, or you can try any of the others like Yahoo! or Type in phrases like "top concerns of Americans," "best-selling nonfiction topics," or "popular how-to manuals." Common worries of 2007.

And While You're on the Internet...

Find out the most popular nonfiction books from the New York Times bestseller list, Amazon, and Google. Your findings will tell you exactly what book subjects people are buying right now.

Try this. Go to From the tabbed menu running along the top of the Amazon home page, click "Top Sellers." I did this one day and found a Harry Potter book, several other fiction books, and titles such as Natural cures "they" won't tell you about, How what you wear can change your life, How to profit from the demise of the dollar, and The official SAT study guide. I've paraphrased to some degree, but you get the idea.

Here's what I learned just from spending a few minutes on Amazon that day. People are reading good fiction from already-best selling authors (Da Vinci Code, the Harry Potter series, and others). Secondly, Amazon buyers, buying over the Internet, are interested in nonfiction topics such as improving their lives and making more money. For these books, just about any author will do, even virtual unknowns or people who went to prison for lying to the American public.

And that quick visit only confirmed that the straightest route to ebook profits is in the nonfiction ebook market. This is for a number of reasons. Fiction readers tend to like to curl up in a chair with an actual book. Some of them attend book clubs where the physical books are brought around someone's kitchen table with wine and cheese. Fiction readers tend to purchase from authors they're already familiar with. Fiction can be more difficult to write and deliver well. Also, many of the classics in fiction are available as free ebooks. A reader interested in fiction could just download those. So stick with nonfiction unless you're feeling particularly bold and experimental.

Here is some more good news, and if you didn't already know this then you are going to be smiling big. Ideas are not copyrighted, therefore any idea you see, hear, or read anywhere anytime, is yours to use for an ebook! You can create books around the same ideas that are covered in the Amazon best seller list, and turnaround and create an ebook on the exact same subject! Now, copyright law does protect the way ideas are expressed, so you want to make sure your hired ghost writer does not plagiarize or copy text outright. And you cannot use the title word for word either. But there's nothing stopping you from creating another book or ebook that covers the same subject with a different voice. It's all as completely legal and guilt-free as nonfat Haagen Dazs. This is why looking at bestseller lists is a great way to get topic ideas.

Once you have your list of topics, you'll need to do keyword research to determine if there is a market for your ebook. You can use a free tool to begin your research at This will give you the current number of monthly searches that are being performed. You need to have at least 1500 searches per month on your main keywords to have a market to sell to. Considering that 1% of those searches is the average percent that turn into sales, you'll want to find a market that can support the income you want to make from the ebook. For 1500 searches per month, you can expect to make an average of 15 sales in a month. Only you can decide if the dollars to be made is worth the effort for you. 

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