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Real estate Investments by Chad Bradley

Real estate, also named immovable property, is a legal concept that includes and defines a certain section of land along with anything permanently affixed to it,
‚ such as buildings. Real estate or immovable property is often considered as being synonymous to real property, in opposition to personal property.
However, for technical purposes, some people prefer to distinguish real estate in relation to land and fixtures. This differs from real property, referring to
ownership rights over real estate.
Real estate investments are considered to be among the most profitable investments one can make in today. Many people have started investing in real estate
as the profits calculated in time almost double the initial investment. Real estate investment includes investments in houses, lands, terrains and any other
surface that one can speculate upon.
  • For doing this business, however, there are certain fees to pe paid, even if there are also reductions of costs for corporations that invest in real estates.
  • A Real Estate Investment The real estate investment trust is a tax concept in which a company that invests in real estate is not allowed to pay regular
  • taxes for it.
  • This process as a whole is called the elimination of corporate income taxes.
There are many people and corporations who also invest in real estate in other countries. Each country has its own laws regarding real estate investments
, hence these people must be familiar and respect regulations and fees.
The real estate investment trust concept was invented and introduced in Australia. This country has the greatest real estate investment trust market outside the
United States. Real estate investment trusts were also introduced in Bulgaria in 2003 with the so called "Special Purpose Investment Companies Act". They are
pass-through entities for corporate income tax purposes. People who want to invest in real estates in Bulgaria must take into consideration these taxes and the
conditions of realestate investment for which they must be suitable.
Countries like Germany or India are in the process of introducing real estate investment trusts in order to align to the general conditions and procedures of this
method that are most commonly used in many other countries. The US has the biggest market of real estate, due to the large territory which they possess.
As of the year 2005, there were almost 200 publicly traded real estate investments that functioned in the US. Their features also included a combined $500 billion
, and more than half of them were trading on the national stock market. The number of real estate investment trusts is not yet registered with the Securities
Exchange Commission. Unofficially traded transactions total close to 800.
By being aware of the real estate investment trusts that apply in many countries, people can calculate their priorities and submit to the investment process


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About the Author

This article was written by Chad Bradley who is a specialist agent focused on Toronto Condos, Townhomes in Toronto and Toronto Lofts.


Tips to avoid common mistakes in real estate investing by Alan Victor

There are several errors, a real estate investor does and you need to avoid such mistakes and become successful in real estate market. First of all, decide what
you are planning to do. Keep things focused and don't get confused. Avoid having contacts with wrong partners; such people are the biggest hindrance for success
When you are dealing with real estate, there will be prospective buyers and selling who will be trying to contact you, so you need to be available all the time.
Your answering machines have to be updated, if you are not available, so that the concern person can get back to you as soon as possible. You need to develop
your knowledge about the real estate investing market. Read real estate magazines, all news paper columns, go though the internet, blogs, which might give you
lot of useful tips and other useful information.
A successful investor never gets distracted. Avoid getting distracted by useless programs, never listen to bad ideas and avoid negative thinkers. You need to
remember that you close friends and relatives might discourage you saying that Will this work for you?Can you do this?


  1. Keep a track what you are doing; many people fail to do this. Have a note book or an organizer or a daily planner with you, which will help you to keep all your
  2. work organized and maintain all important contacts. Make a note of all the important dates and Things to do Another reason for people to fail in real estate
  3. investing is that, they don't plan their work from start to finish. Lot of investors look for properties that are less expensive and put an offer for that, but when the offer is received, the investor is not sure what they are going to do with that property.
  4. This is another common mistake, many investors tend to do. They either under do or over do repairs. If you end up under doing the repairs, eventually the house
  5. will look damaged and ugly. Similarly if you over do the repairs, you are wasting your money. So you need to the right the repairing work.

About the Author

Alan Victor is an expert author for Real estate investing article. He written many articles like All about Global Real Estate Investing. For more information visit our site


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