18 Reasons You Don’t Have The Money You Want!

For the last several years I’ve been coaching conscious business owners in a variety of different industries, including fashion, design, PR, technology, self development, brick and mortar, direct selling and more, and while they all have different focuses and customers, their struggles are often the same.

Many people are struggling and not able to see how they are getting in their own way or missing the “how-to’s” to finally shift out of wantrepreneurship into entrepreneurship. They want an aligned, magnetic business but they don’t know how to create it, and…..since business is all about the money conversation (whether it be with clients, vendors, etc), there are common areas that business owners struggle with as it relates to money.

Here are the common money struggles that I’ve seen impact their businesses over the years:

  1. They believe that scarcity/lack happens to them (rather than making magic happen), and may even find themselves hiding behind their computer hoping that the client fairy will place customers under their pillow while they’re sleeping:)
  2. They want money but don’t align their actions to their desired outcome.
    Aligned Thought + Aligned Action = Aligned Results
  3. They focus on what they don’t want (rather than what they *do* want) and what we focus on expands (ie. lack of clients, no money, lack of opportunities, etc just become more pronounced)
  4. They don’t know what they *really* want therefore they only attracted confused/vague/unfocused energy to them and their business
  5. They think in a linear way rather than opening to creative possibilities
  6. They focus on obstacles/struggles, rather than what’s working. These obstacles serve as an energy of distraction front he work that they’re really here to do!
  7. They resent the success/wealth in others, and therefore block own. They also compare themselves and try to be like others rather than “just being themselves!”
  8. They associate with others trapped in poverty consciousness. Remember: you are the sum of the 5 people that you spend the most time with.
  9. They catastrophize everything, including their money situation, which leaves them in analysis paralysis (i.e.. limbo).
  10. They don’t ask for support (either because they feel that they’d do a better job on their own, fear be let down by others, or don’t believe that they are worthy of support) therefore blocking their receiving muscle.
  11. They live in all or nothing mentality, which is synonymous with lack and limitation. This up or down, in or out energy also creates the roller coaster effect in money and client flow, thus making you dizzy and fed up with your business.
  12. They don’t look money in the eyes, or any numbers for that matter, and can’t make sound business decisions and investments as the CEO of their company since they don’t know how much it costs to attract new clients, serve them, or what revenue is coming in each month.
  13. They struggle because struggle is their middle name. They’ve been taught that they can only have it all if they work hard, thus ensuring that every newsletter, bill payment and anything else associated with their business has to be hard (in order to prove the belief right).
  14. They let fear govern their life, hit a wall and don’t move past it. Is fear the CEO of your company or are you running the show?
  15. They don’t celebrate what’s good about their business and fail to practice an attitude of gratitude. I write a love letter to my business every day sharing with it what I appreciate, and write a gratitude journal daily (when I don’t, if I’m out of routine, I notice a dip in my business).
  16. They follow the pack and are easily influenced by others beliefs (particularly about money). I seem some people going to event after event, either to fit in or in hopes that they’ll finally had the information that will motivate them enough to implement, but instead they end of with a misaligned business model that looks like everyone else’s
  17. They have no money vision to guide them into their bigger why so that when they are in the day-to-day activities or their business, they become bored and unmotivated because nothing bigger is inspiring them to serve more and to allow more in.
  18. They are not taking *real* action to heal money story and invest in the support they know they need to finally bust through their money ceiling and create a conscious business that they love and attracts an abundance of clients and opportunities, while creating the kind of time and money freedom that they always wanted but thought it was for everyone but them.